Case Studies

Inactive Well Compliance Program

Client Environment Customer had an internal budget of $1.5M for Inactive Well Compliance Program ("IWCP") wells. The customer was having to communicate across four internal reporting departments and was dealing with multiple service providers costing him time and money. There was the ne

Brownfield Site Reclamation

Client Environment The client wanted to reclaim roughly 1000+ metres of shoreline along the St. Lawrence River in Ontario. The site was associated with a closed dairy and was previously used to stock-pile coal.

Remote Oil Well Abandonment Along Lake Huron

Client Environment ELM was contracted to help the client locate ‘lost’ oil wells from the 1800s era within the shoreline of Lake Huron in Ontario. The work had to be performed in close proximity to the sensitive lake shoreline where woodlands were known to be used by Species

Government Facility Reclamation

Client Environment The client engaged the services of ELM to come in and clean up a creek and pond habitat that was marked as no longer capable of supporting fish or other aquatic life.


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