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Who We Are

ELM Inc., is an industry-leading Canadian service company with over 30 years of direct industry experience, offering single-source environmental liability management services in the areas of abandonment, decommissioning, remediation, reclamation, water and waste management. ELM is backed by a highly technical team with seasoned leadership, safely delivering tailored solutions to our clients.

ELM’s commitment is to improve the environment, while reducing risk for our clients and stakeholders. Our strengths are providing experienced oversight, ensuring timely and efficient completion of complex projects and understanding client needs.

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Well Abandonments

Prior to conducting abandonment work, ELM performs a thorough well-file review to prepare a tailored well decommissioning program.


We will create a tailored work program, manage all surface land agreements, execute the field work, fulfill all regulatory reporting requirements, and prepare all closure reporting for your project.

Remediation and Reclamation

One of ELM’s strengths lies in our extensive expertise in the area of environmental impact management involving land, plants, animals, communities and industry.

Liability Advisory Services

ELM takes pride in being able to provide complete independent environmental assessments pre and post any remediation and reclamation work.

Water and Waste Solutions

ELM's Eco-Solutions™, in co-operation with its alliances and partners (and their exclusive proprietary patent technologies) are able to deliver environmental solutions to treat solid and liquid wastes produced across oil and gas, industrial and mining activities.

Cost Overrun Mitigation

ELM is the only supplier in the abandonment, decommissioning and reclamation business to offer an exclusive “Cost Cap” solution.

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Decommissioning at the Port of Churchill

Site-Specific Liability Assessments (SSLAs)


ELM Inc. Announces Completion of Record-Breaking Winter Season

CALGARY, Alberta (March 31st, 2020) - ELM Inc. ("ELM") is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed a record-breaking winter operating season, managing over $16 million in project costs, and supporting our clients in their efforts to reduce their environmental liabilities.

“We are proud of the coordinated, systematic execution delivered by our expert team, many of whom have been working together for more than 20 years. They welcomed the challenge of achieving such an ambitious undertaking in such a short timeframe,” said Steve Konopelky, President and CEO.

Over the past several months, in addition to completing more traditional environmental liability management assignments, ELM has executed on several large area-based closure (“ABC”) projects as the prime contractor, completing work throughout Alberta. As a result of this effort, ELM, who works extensively with local subcontractors in each area, brought significant job counts and stimulus to the local Alberta economy. Working with our valued subcontractor partners, we completed over 480 well abandonments, 140 pipeline abandonments and 290 wellsite decommissioning projects, while safely delivering cost efficiencies to our clients utilizing our unique approach to execution within the ABC model.

About ELM

ELM Inc. is an industry-leading Canadian service company, offering single-source environmental liability management services in the areas of well abandonment, surface equipment & pipeline decommissioning, remediation, reclamation, Site Specific Liability Assessments, liability advisory and water and waste management. ELM is backed by a highly technical team, with seasoned leadership, who have been safely delivering tailored liability solutions to clients for over 30 years.

ELM Inc. is a Canadian controlled private company.

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