About Us

ELM Inc. (Environmental Liability Management), is a private Canadian company that offers “single source” environmental liability management service in the areas of abandonment, decommissioning, reclamation, remediation, water and waste solutions. ELM is an industry leading service company backed by a highly technical team with seasoned leadership delivering tailored solutions to our clients.

ELM is driven to be one of the best in the world at what we do and we want to be one of the best for the world in what we do.


Our company’s journey began in the early 90’s with the goal of helping upstream and mid-stream companies clean up their liabilities and retire their wellbore, pipeline and facilities as well as provide complete reclamation for end-of-life assets.

Originally known as Abandonrite, we changed the company’s name to ELM Inc. in 2017 to signal a new era for our company. With our new name in place, we began to make significant changes throughout the organization that would allow us to design and deliver improved value-added solutions for our clients. As part of the change, we now offer a wider range of services for our customers, making us your single source for environmental liability management solutions.

Our technical depth, expanded service and innovative technologies, along with ELM’s exclusive "Cost Cap" overrun protection solution, make ELM a unique service provider in our industry. Even after 25 years of direct industry experience, our company remains committed to continuous improvement in order to remain your first choice for environmental liability management solutions.

To be the preferred choice for the delivery of single-source, safe and innovative environmental liability management solutions.

Here's How

  • Drive a safety culture throughout the company that is incorporated in our delivered services.
  • Deliver meaningful results that exceed clients’ expectations.
  • Develop or acquire innovative technologies that reduce our customers’ costs and their impact on the environment.
  • Design collaborative programs to mitigate environmental liability.

To work collaboratively with our clients to deliver safe, single-source solutions to environmental liability management issues while delivering real results, managing cost overrun risk and reducing the environmental impact of their operations.

The Customer Experience – What to Expect

Expertise and Experience

  • ELM is a complete abandonment, decommissioning and environmental liability management company carrying out successful programs through field execution expertise, combined with practical operational knowledge.
  • Our 25 years of dedicated experience makes ELM one of the best in the industry.
  • We are proficient across various technologies and experienced in the many challenges that can be encountered in the delivery of our services.
  • We are committed to providing uncompromised safety with our dedicated in-house Health, Safety and Environment department that drives our safety culture.

Continuous Technical and Economic Innovation

  • ELM is a reliable innovator in the delivery of environmental risk management and bringing our lands back to their natural state through balancing technological and financial risk solutions.
  • We balance our ability to adopt innovation with a keen emphasis on effectively managing risk.
  • We are industry leaders in the development of technical and financial solutions throughout our suite of services.  

Focused Discipline

  • Continued collaboration and communication with clients and service providers.
  • We develop and deliver solutions that are tailored to clients needs and make significant impacts to the bottom line for all parties.
  • We measure and track all projects regularly against our clients needs and their outcomes.
  • We have a strong track record of on time and on budget project delivery and a history of long-term commercial success.

Financial and Operations Risk Management

  • We offer a an exclusive "Cost Cap" overrun protection solution through our exclusive Cost Cap insurance, primarily used to limit exposure to risk in each program.
  • We identify liability risk and develop programs to mitigate the risk through, effective planning, field execution, cost metrics and cost savings measures.
  • We work closely with our clients internal management team to collaborate and compliment internal programs, allowing clients to better focus on their core business.

Complete Solution Provider

  • Working collaboratively and enhancing clients’ internal project management processes while meaningfully reducing expenses.

Our Experience and Team

  • Over the past 25 years, we’ve been delivering our solutions through continuously evolving technical operations, delivered by our highly qualified experienced team.

Uncompromised Safety

  • Continuously improving our safety record and actively extending our safety culture beyond our workplace. We are a service provider with its own in-house Health, Safety and Environment expert bringing over 25 years of safety experience, with an industry leading COR certification.

Technology and Innovation

  • Our highly experienced team has been successfully designing and delivering quality, innovative solutions through disruptive and sustaining technology in water and waste treatment solutions for Oil, Gas, Mining and Industrial industries.

Risk Mitigation

  • Our exclusive “Cost Cap” overrun protection solution is designed to reduce project liability risk and protect our clients and their shareholders from cost overruns.

We Ensure the Quality of Our Services By

  • Understanding your challenges and environmental liabilities.
  • Creating solutions and execution to meet client needs.
  • Driving down operational costs and increasing support for client core services.
  • Balancing the results for clients and the communities in which they impact.

Steve Konopelky, B.Econ, President & CEO

Steve has spent the last 25 years developing a broad range of experience in building start-up companies, effectively streamlining financials, raising capital, and leading operational initiatives across various industries. Steve was a founder, President & CEO of Silver Mountain Mines Inc, a Canadian exploration company. Steve was Vice President of a power development company for over 4 years, responsible for managing business worth over $400M in development opportunities. In several capacities, Steve has provided development and consulting services within various sectors of power development, trans-load logistic facilities, real estate, and manufacturing. Steve has a degree from the University of Toronto (economics) and accredited designations in financial, investment and risk management areas.

Malcolm McKean P. Eng, B. Eng Mech, Vice President Liability Management

Malcolm combines over 35 years of oil and gas experience with 26 years in direct abandonment at Abandonrite which focused on project management in the areas of well abandonment, decommissioning and reclamation. Prior to ELM, he was responsible for scheduling, planning and co-ordinating work to manage well abandonments, leaking wells, vent flows, gas migration repairs, and well re-entries. He has developed programs and strategies to repair leaking wells, cement squeeze methods for gas migration and vent repairs. He has also conducted worksite safety inspections as part of company and client safety policies. Prior to Abandonrite, he contract operated and oversaw the daily field operations of three oil batteries, 90+ wells on waterflood and fifteen gas wells and a compressor station. He has conducted well servicing and well work-overs and field facility turn arounds and supervised pipeline repairs.

Dr. Dean Fitzgerald, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., Ecologist, Director Environmental Services

Dean has a M.Sc. degree focused on the management of small streams, and a Ph.D. focused on lake ecology. Dean has over 22 years of direct environmental experience. He has worked on projects at various sites across North America as well as Chile, Peru, Uruguay, and Panama. He is skilled at completing environmental assessments (EAs) that integrate ecological features associated with man-made and natural stressors across ecosystems in the forestry, mining, municipal developments, and nuclear power sectors. His past projects have involved the evaluation of different species and habitats including work on Species at Risk (SAR – animals and plants). He is extremely comfortable working with various government agencies and First Nations and has had significant involvement with land use planning for different client sectors and First Nations.

Vince Goegan, BA, B.Ed, Vice President Corporate Services

Vince was a corporate executive for most of his 30 years at Canadian Pacific. His leadership roles within CP incorporated skills in the areas of strategic planning, marketing, business development, change management, logistics and performance measurement. As a project manager he led several cross-functional initiatives to integrate multiple core operating systems at CP as well as a CRM project with budgets ranging from $25M to $125M. He now operates his own consulting company having worked with such companies as Exxon, Bowater, Petro Canada, McKinsey & Co., the City of Calgary as well as a number of other small to mid-sized companies.

Tammi Price, C.A., CFO & COO

Tammi brings over 25 years of progressive experience and knowledge in strategy, finance, corporate development, investor relations and communications to ELM. Prior to joining ELM, Tammi has spent over 20 years working in the Oil and Gas industry in various finance related capacities at Gibson Energy Inc. and was a key member of the Senior Management and Executive Team for more than 10 years. She has proven success in leading all aspects of complex acquisitions, dispositions and organic growth, with a track record of closing over 30 transactions totalling over $1.5 billion. Tammi spent 4 years with Ernst & Young working in Corporate Audit where she completed her Chartered Accountant Designation Tammi is a graduate of Saint Mary's University, where she obtained her Bachelor of Commerce Degree.

Jason Schroeder, CCEP, Director Liability Management

Jason has over 20 years of oil & gas experience related to liability management. He started with Abandonrite in 1998 providing technical support on environmental reclamation projects. His focus has shifted to decommissioning project management including planning, co-ordination and execution of field work to decommission pipelines and facilities. He works closely with client representatives to ensure that their liabilities are being managed efficiently. He is also responsible for managing the technical support team that is involved with decommissioning and liability management.

Dr. Preston McEachern, Associate Chief Development Officer of Water & Waste

Preston is a respected leader in water management in the oil and gas water industry with 23 years’ experience in solving water treatment challenges. He is actively engaged by clients in advisory roles and holds three faculty positions with Canadian Universities. He was Vice President of Research and Development at the largest North American Oil and Gas Service company.

Brian Harrison, P.Eng, Associate Vice President Water & Waste

Brian brings over 30 years of proven leadership and technical expertise in environmental and regulatory processes along with expertise in reservoir, production, and facility engineering and operations. Brian previously served as Vice President of facilities development, engineering and construction at Secure Energy Services. He also has previous experience specializing in regulatory compliance, thermal heavy oil, waste management and operations at Grizzly Oil Sands, Devon Energy, Canadian Crude Separators (Tervita), and Imperial Oil.

Max Howard, P.Eng. Director of Sales & Marketing

Max is a Professional Engineer with 34 years of extensive operational, technical, sales and managerial experience in the oil and gas service industry. Over the past 22 years, he was a key member of the sales and management team at a major energy service company and was instrumental in growing respective company’s profitability and market presence into the top tier service provider in Western Canada. He worked closely with eight different product lines to streamline operations to reduce the footprint on location and reduce costs through cross training. He also increased sales and market share through a cooperative/co-ordinated sales strategy between product lines. He is a valued advisor with a detailed depth of knowledge of customer specific needs in different operational areas and the ability to apply solutions.

On behalf of our shareholders, our stakeholders and clients, ELM is committed to working collaboratively to achieve community support for our projects and to contribute towards sustainable development of communities in which we work.

ELM is committed to conducting business that upholds the highest ethical, safety, moral and professional standards throughout the industry we service. All individuals and service providers who represent ELM are expected to demonstrate our values unfailingly.

We strive to maintain best practice principles in all our operations through ELM’s policy to accept and investigate all reports regarding illegal or unethical business practices. ELM integrates business principles within our corporate management and decision-making and continually work to improve our performance.