Client Value Proposition

At ELM we tailor our solutions to our client by:

  • Offering an Area-Based Closure approach to projects
  • Understanding your challenges and environmental liabilities
  • Creating solutions and executing to meet client needs
  • Driving down operational costs and increasing support for client core services
  • Balancing the results for our clients and the communities which they impact

Experience, Quality and Efficiency

Our highly qualified, experienced team, has been delivering our solutions, while continuously evolving and innovating our technical operations, over the past 30 years, as a result of our direct knowledge from hands-on project execution experience. As a result of our ongoing use of formal business processes, we are able to bring a high degree of discipline to our work every day. These business processes, combined with experience and key performance metrics, result in greater efficiency.

Cost Savings

As a single-source service provider, ELM constantly strives to deliver innovative solutions by working collaboratively and communicating effectively with clients and subcontractors throughout the process. This, in turn, allows us to meaningfully reduce expenses to positively impact your bottom line. When ELM embarks on an abandonment and decommissioning program in an area, all efforts are undertaken to use an area-based closure (“ABC”) approach to involve as many producers in the area as possible resulting in significant savings to all licensees.

Single-Source Solution Provider

ELM’s unique ability to offer a complete End-to-End service program makes ELM the preferred choice for our clients by saving them time and money not having to deal with multiple suppliers to get the job done. By providing a full range of services in house, ELM is able to coordinate entire programs, working more efficiently and reducing re-work. We believe in stretching our thinking to respond creatively to customer needs in the provision of all our services. Additionally, we have established partnerships to successfully design and deliver quality, innovative waste and water treatment solutions for oil, gas, mining and industrial companies using a new disruptive and sustaining technology.

Uncompromised Safety

We are committed to continuously improving our safety record and actively extending our safety culture beyond our workplace. We are a service provider with its own in-house Health, Safety and Environment expert, bringing over 25 years of safety experience, to complement ELM’s industry leading COR certification. ELM, and its consultants and contractors, adhere to the strongest Health, Safety, and Environmental principles and those standards are built into all our business processes and procedures. These safety measures serve to avoid the crippling costs associated with an unsafe work environment.

Environmental Stewardship

ELM is focused on delivering environmentally sound business solutions to our clients. The depth of our company’s environmental knowledge and expertise allows us to build a framework that mitigates environmental risk and liability allowing our clients to be good environmental stewards and socially responsible.

Reduced Risk

In addition to ELM’s exclusive “Cost Cap” product, which is designed to reduce project liability risk and protect our clients and their shareholders from cost overruns, we can reduce project risk by providing a full environmental assessment prior to the start of any program. This allows ELM to identify any above or below surface environmental impairments which can add significant unforeseen costs to a project.

ELM’s commitment to the use of performance metrics provides greater controls and tighter project management which further reduces the likelihood of cost overruns for our clients as well as enabling improved regulatory compliance.