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August, 2018

ELM Inc. has gained National Recognition

Through ELM’s Business Advisory Services, we recently contributed to the completion of the negotiation of one of the largest Impact Benefit Agreements (IBAs) related to a mine and a First Nation in Ontario; it is the largest such agreement in Canada. Our technical expertise in the area of environmental impact issues allowed us to prepare the necessary detailed technical reviews for the site and evaluate the possible impact to the local and downstream environment. When IBAs are predicated on technical reviews, they can be used to determine financial compensation, form the basis for performance bonds, as well as justify clauses to connect financial payments to unexpected environmental disturbance stemming from the proposed activities. The successful completion of this IBA and technical review of the project has positioned ELM as a leader in environmental impact studies and has already lead to additional contracts in this critical area. ELM staff have also assisted with the completion of IBAs for other First Nations pertaining to sectors including pipelines, contaminated sites, power corridors, and infrastructure upgrades among other topics.

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