The “ELM Guarantee” provides clients with enhanced cost certainty.

Well Abandonments

Prior to conducting abandonment work, ELM performs a thorough well-file review to prepare a tailored well decommissioning program. This activity can be performed as part of an end-to-end well abandonment project or as a stand-alone service to support your in-house resources in the execution of well abandonments.

Our management brings over a quarter of a century of direct experience in abandonments, having abandoned thousands of wells. This enables ELM to tackle even the most complicated abandonment projects. In the past five years, we have completed over 600 well abandonments, managing complex multi-location and remote location projects, including single and multi-zone abandonments, service rig/coil tubing/wireline operations, low cement remediations, surface casing vent flow and gas migration remediations and abandoned well re-entries for repair.

You can trust ELM to be the prime contractor for your downhole decommissioning project, and also your project manager for all your end-of-life asset retirement needs, including surface equipment removal, pipeline decommissioning, remediation and reclamation.


ELM provides comprehensive decommissioning services.  We will create a tailored work program, manage all surface land agreements, execute the field work, fulfill all regulatory reporting requirements, and prepare all closure reporting for your project.

Backed by our ongoing commitment to health, safety and environment, ELM employs the latest techniques for decommissioning and is constantly looking for new ways to perform this work more efficiently. ELM is increasingly incorporating waterjet services into our decommissioning programs - a significant cost saving for our clients. When practical, we utilize an ABC approach to our projects, with the goal of working with many clients in a defined area to decommission as many well sites and pipelines as practical.  This results in shared services and reduced mobilization costs.

We have continued to refine our project planning and execution over the past five years through the completion of over 2,000 km of upstream and midstream pipeline abandonments and discontinuations, surface equipment removal at over 900 well sites, as well as more than 60 large facility decommissioning projects.  ELM also offers Site-Specific Liability Assessments (SSLAs) – we have completed over 100 large-facility SSLAs.

Services offered include:

  • Facility decommissioning projects including satellites, batteries, compressor stations, tank farms and gas plants
  • Wellhead cut and caps
  • Small and large diameter pipeline decommissioning
  • Pipeline discontinuation
  • Line splits and line reactivation
  • Line repairs and optimizations
  • Site-Specific Liability Assessments (SSLAs)

Remediation and Reclamation

One of ELM’s strengths lies in our extensive expertise in the area of environmental impact management involving land, plants, animals, communities and industry. ELM has completed over 80 projects in various remediation and reclamation capacities, driving sound land management practices and conservation solutions and returning land to equivalent capability.

Services offered include:

  • Turnkey site reclamation projects
  • Stage I and II preliminary site investigation
  • Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
  • Remediation and surface reclamation
  • Risk-based closure
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Permitting and easements
  • Species-at-Risk surveys
  • Ground water monitoring
  • Analysis of soil and water monitoring data
  • Delineation of soil contamination
  • Revegetation plans
  • Reclamation certificate applications

Liability Advisory Services

ELM takes pride in being able to provide complete independent environmental assessments pre and post any remediation and reclamation work. More than 8,000 wellbores were assessed to support clients’ decisions around budgets and acquisitions and divestiture activities. Additionally, over 410 reports and assessments were carried out delivering liability management and impact solutions to clients.

Driven by a leadership team with well over 100 years of combined experience in the field of environmental liability management, ELM offers comprehensive environmental liability advisory services.

This includes providing:

  • Independent liability assessments for management, auditors and financial institutions
  • Impact and Benefit Agreements (IBAs) support
  • Strategies to reduce Asset retirement Obligation (ARO)
  • Strategies to manage License Liability Rating (LLR)
  • Site-Specific Liability Assessments (SSLAs)
  • Acquisition and divestiture support
  • Strategy development focused on environmental risk mitigation and deleveraging the balance sheet
  • Posted Line of Credit reduction strategies
  • Carrying cost reduction/mitigation analysis to increase a client’s Net Operating Income
  • Regulatory administration support
  • Government regulation education and navigation assistance
  • Peer reviews
  • Expert witness testimony

Water and Waste Solutions

ELM's Eco-Solutions™, in co-operation with its alliances and partners are able to deliver environmental solutions to treat solid and liquid wastes produced across oil and gas, industrial and mining activities. This includes the reduction of H2S, VOC’s and management of wastes such as evaporator blowdown water, tailings, lime sludge, leachate water and high temperature process affected water.

ELM’s Eco-Solutions™ on-site water treatment solution provides several operational and environmental benefits that can result in substantial cost savings and improvements in operations through:

  • Reduced chemical and water use
  • Reduced trucking costs
  • Elimination of expensive disposal costs
  • Low energy cost requirements to operate system
  • High temperature applications
  • Reduction in H2S
  • Improved water sustainability through reduced freshwater consumption
  • Effluent suitable for injection in Class 2 wells
  • Resultant high-quality reusable water
  • Resultant saleable oil and minerals (dependent on source water)
  • Reduction of H2S and VOC’s

Cost Overrun Mitigation

ELM is the only supplier in the abandonment, decommissioning and reclamation business to offer an exclusive “Cost Cap” solution. In combination with our partner, Aon Global Environmental and Risk Solutions, ELM has created a proprietary cost overrun insurance offering.

Essentially, the ELM program assesses the potential risk of cost overrun during project execution and applies a risk transfer solution for outliers. This enables our clients to avoid the burden of enormous unexpected additional expense being added to a company’s originally planned budget.

The ELM solution is an integrated liability program designed to provide comprehensive coverage at the site level. The “ELM Guarantee” provides clients with enhanced cost certainty and will absorb up to 100% of the initial estimate in cost overrun due to unforeseen complications. The ELM Guarantee is secured and underpins the optional client-owned cost overrun risk transfer.

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