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Core Services

Prior to conducting abandonment work, ELM performs extensive data mining to develop a comprehensive well-file review as part of the process and delivers a tailored program.

Backed by our ongoing commitment to health, safety and environment, ELM employs the latest techniques for decommissioning and is constantly looking for new ways to perform this work more efficiently.

  • Pipeline decommissioning
  • Small and large diameter pipeline decommissioning
  • Pipeline discontinuation
  • Line splits and line reactivation

One of ELM’s strengths lies in our extensive expertise in the area of environmental impact management between land, plants, animals, communities and industry. ELM takes pride in being able to provide complete independent environmental assessments pre and post any remediation and reclamation work.

  • Environmental impact studies
  • Permitting and easements
  • Species at Risk surveys
  • Analysis of soil and water monitoring data
  • Delineation of soil contamination
  • Revegetation plans
  • Peer reviews
  • Expert witness testimony

Driven by a leadership team with well over 100 years of combined experience in the field of environmental liability management, ELM offers a comprehensive environmental liabilities advisory services. This includes providing:

  • Independent liability assessments for management, auditors, and financial institutions
  • Strategies to reduce Asset Retirement Obligation (“ARO”)
  • Strategies to manage License Liability Rating (“LLR”) plans
  • Acquisition and divestiture support
  • Strategic development focused on environmental risk mitigation and deleveraging the balance sheet
  • Posted Line of Credit reduction strategies
  • Carrying cost reduction/mitigation analysis to increase a client’s Net Operating Income
  • Well file reviews and program design
  • Regulatory administration support
  • Government regulation education and navigation assistance

ELM is the only supplier in the Abanondment, Decommissioning and Reclamation business to offer an exclusive “Cost Cap” solution. In combination with our partner, Aon Global Environmental and Risk Solutions, ELM has created a proprietary cost overrun insurance offering.

Essentially, the elm program assesses the potential risk of cost overrun during project execution and applies a risk transfer solution for outliers which enables our clients to avoid the burden of enormous unexpected additional expense being added to a company’s originally planned budget.

The ELM solution is an integrated liability program designed to provide comprehensive coverage at the site level and offers 100% cost overrun protection and better cost assurance for the program.

ELM's Eco-Solution™, in co-operation with its alliances and partners (and their exclusive proprietary patent technologies) is able to deliver environmental solutions to treat solid and liquid wastes produced across oil and gas, industrial and mining industries. This includes the reduction of H2S, wastes from activities such as evaporator blow-downs, industrial waste water, and oil and gas production.

As a result of applying ELM's Eco-Solution™, our clients will realize reduced environmental liability associated with dewatering tailings, sludge, waste ponds, and high temperature water treatment. In addition, our clients will benefit from reduced costs in the areas of controlling solids, disposal, water treatment, water sourcing, and chemical usage.

ELM’s Eco-Solution™ on-site water treatment solution provides several operational and environmental benefits that can result in substantial cost savings and improvements in operations through:

  • Reduction in the H2S in produced water
  • Re-usage of drilling wate at frac/drill sites or at treatment facilities
  • Reducing water handling cost
  • Reduction in well work-over cost
  • Increased environmental stewardship
  • Increase in operational efficiencies
  • Enhanced oil recovery
  • Enhancing safety by reducing trucks on the road; no free fluid transported and/or high-rish chemicals
  • Allowing our clients to control water from source to reuse/disposal (self-reliant)
  • Optimizing injection wells while reducing geotechnical and formation risk
  • Developing a framework for area water management application
  • Mobile and scalable systems
  • Multi-site deployment
  • Better reliability of equipment and technology